Industrial Portfolio

Engineering and project development for industrial installations for the chemical, pharmaceutical and power generation sectors.

Industrial facilities and special equipment

Project management

ANSI, is a company with more than a decade of history in the engineering world. Formed by engineers and professionals with extensive experience in engineering, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning of all types of installations.

We have always been closely linked to the energy sector, specifically the cellulose industry, but we have experience in the Gas & Oil Industry, Power Generation Plants, Renewable Energies, etc.

Dirección de obra - ANSI

Structural calculations

We know that the industrial sector is a demanding sector in which you must comply with the regulations and provide the facilities with a high level of quality, that is why in ANSI we have calculators and experienced staff to develop any structure that your company may need.

Analysis and calculation of mechanical and structural elements, strength simulation by finite elements (FEM) and fatigue analysis using software from SOLIDWORKS, AUTODESK and CYPE

Industrial plant calculation

At ANSI we work with industrial installations of all types and we adapt the processes to the needs of each client, we adjust to the regulations and apply the necessary measures to obtain the best results in terms of materials, structures and dimensions. Having the latest measurement technologies allows us to develop more complete and accurate projects.

Escaneado láser 3D _ As built - ANSI

3D laser scanning & As built

In our staff we have professionals dedicated to topographic and piping engineering, specialists in the realization of As-built of industrial plants.

ANSI can provide expertise in this technology to improve the results in your company or in any project that needs to be intervened.

From model to reality

The 3D modeling of new equipment and installations presents a series of very useful advantages in the development of industrial projects: It allows a better planning of the implementations, minimizes the risks of interferences during assembly, as they are detected in the design phase, and serves for the generation of visual documentation of the project.

ANSI uses 3D models in projects such as the implementation of evaporators, condensers, structures and piping in the chemical industry.


Development and execution of turnkey projects.

At ANSI we have a team of professionals that we will put at your disposal to develop any type of project from the beginning to its completion without the client having to worry about delivery times, purchases, mediation with suppliers, etc.

One of the advantages of contracting turnkey projects with ANSI is that we will maintain contact with the company and report on the status of the work at all times so that the communication and execution of the project is perfect.


Process and auxiliary equipment

Screw reclaimer

The extractor augers are equipment designed for the extraction of material stored in silos. These machines are specially configured for the material to be extracted (bark, chips, biomass...) and its quantity. The augers of the ANSI designed extractors are made of
with special reinforced steels of high wear resistance, including breakers if the silo material requires it.

ANSI develops cantilever or bi-supported extractor bolts, static or traveling, according to the needs of the installation.

Extractor corteza movil ANSI
Implantación filtro de mangas ENCE - ANSI Ingeniería

Implantation of baghouse

For this project ANSI has developed the conceptual engineering, including flow diagram and implementation plans, as well as the pre-dimensioning of the collection points and ducts. The new facility will treat the dust collected from different wood dust generating points both inside the chipping hall and in the wood chip storage areas.


Nave biomasa

At ANSI we design structures for biomass storage, the necessary structural calculations and the relevant tests allow us to offer an unprecedented guarantee of quality.

Nave biomasa ENCE - ANSI

Debarking drum

ANSI has a wide experience in the wood processing and transformation sector. It designs special equipment such as log debarking drums in Spain and internationally, carrying out projects mainly in Europe and South America.


Custom conveyor design

The Pulp & Paper sector is one of the company's project execution branches. For this industry ANSI has designed and executed different equipment for the wood transformation process such as conveyors, extractor screws, debarkers, sorting tables, etc.



Digital twins

Models with actual measurements

The scanning of industrial environments after the execution of projects allows us to update the existing documentation, in 2D and 3D. The digitization of projects allows us to obtain a point cloud with all the geometric information of the plant at the time of completion of the work, generate or update the digital models of the installation and prepare the as-built documentation required by the client. Translated with (free version)

Gemelos digitales - ANSI

Comparison and accuracy

The combination of the different technologies we have for scanning work allows us to quickly obtain point clouds of large elements, while respecting the level of detail required for the smaller components that make up the assembly. The scanning result is exported so that it can be viewed or measured in the cloud in software such as AUTODESK RECAP or NAVISWORKS.

FARO scanner, precision even in industrial environments

Laser scanning is a fast and reliable technology for capturing complex constructions of any kind. It provides detailed information in 3 dimensions and minimizes risks in projects where space is tight or execution deadlines require a great deal of coordination.

3D laser scanning with equipment such as the FARO X330 is faster and more accurate than manual data collection, reducing the time for this task from days to a few hours.

Escáner FARO - ANSI

Piping design and engineering

P&ID process diagrams

Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID) are diagrams that show the process flow in the piping, as well as the installed equipment and instrumentation.

At ANSI we have specialists in this field who are able to produce these diagrams, with the help of which it is possible to understand each of the processes followed in an installation, its codes, its operating modes, alarm signals and instrumentation.

Ingenieria ANSI
Piping y cálculos de estrés térmico - ANSI

Piping and thermal stress calculation

Optimal fluid transport has an important impact on the performance of an equipment or installation. At ANSI we study and design piping and duct installations considering all the equipment involved in the process.

We carry out the piping routing of the new installations taking into account the requirements of each line and fluid, and we evaluate the behavior of the piping in its different state combinations (design, operation, test...) with a thermal stress calculation with design and analysis software such as BENTLEY AUTOPIPE.

Management & Planning


If your company needs additional resources, we provide a comprehensive service from the integration into your company's work team to the implementation of the solution, we have an expert team specialized in integrating complementary disciplines of operation, processes, engineering and manufacturing.

We offer an external R&D&I service adapted to all areas related to the environment, aesthetic improvement plans, continuous improvement, etc.

Outsourcing - ANSI

Planning and control

At ANSI we have experts to organize all the necessary processes to carry out each of your projects, our technical advice includes among other things:
Periodic follow-upWe will keep you informed of the progress of our study through regular or on-demand follow-up meetings. In these meetings we hope to have your feedback at all times.
On-site solutionsIn order to offer very realistic solutions, we will visit the installation as many times as necessary to adapt and validate them before their incorporation in the final report.
Presentation Final ReportOnce the report has been prepared with the most appropriate solutions, we will arrange a meeting at your premises for the presentation of the final report.

General stop planner service

We develop the detailed planning activities necessary to build the Maintenance Shutdown Planning-General, starting from the MACRO shutdown planning and integrating the detailed supply, manufacturing, construction and commissioning planning.


Servicio de planificador en paradas generales - ANSI

Our customers

We work with a wide portfolio of clients, which gives us experience in different sectors of the industry. We adapt to any project that may arise.


We have partners from different branches of engineering, this fusion makes us a multidisciplinary and versatile team. We work with a wide portfolio of clients, which gives us experience in different sectors of the industry. We adapt to any project that may arise.


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