Product Design portfolio

Our goal is to create innovative products that break the barriers of the standard, we are passionate about new challenges and we are open to proposals to develop new concepts.

Design and product engineering

Modular bench for public areas

Modularity and integration in the environment are fundamental for a good design, the impact of what we design must be minimal and at ANSI we make sure that this is so.

Two models have been designed for this concept, the Plinto (left) and the Nautilus (right), with them we approach a simplified vision adaptable to any environment. The use of wood as the main material makes the contact more human and warm.

The possibilities for these two designs are endless, from LEDs at the bottom of the main pillars, signage/corporate elements, increasing or decreasing modules, to combinations of colors or materials.


Minigimbal for wind blade inspection rover

El minigimbal para rover de inspección de palas eólicas es un producto versátil que permite al usuario emplear hasta dos cámaras, una térmica y otra RGB para realizar un análisis de interiores con dimensiones muy reducidas.

The inspection can be done indoors in low light because the Gimbal has four high-performance dimmable LEDs that allow you to see what is happening at every moment of the inspection.

Portable equipment for pathogen detection

The compact design of this case allows the collection of water samples in fish farms by syringe or manually, the integrated display on the front allows the operator to know at a glance the necessary information and to interact with the electronics of the device.


Trolley with telescopic cylinder for laser scanner

This design allows a FARO X330 3D scanner to be mounted on top of the shaft with a pneumatic telescopic cylinder system, making it the perfect tool for scanning elements or surfaces at a height of up to six meters.

The side actuator activates or deactivates the hidden compressor at the bottom of the carriage, allowing the operator to easily and conveniently raise or lower the scanner column at will.

Product layout and customization

At ANSI we have a team capable of conceptualizing and executing innovative products from inception to commercialization.


High performance materials

Nowadays we have a great variety of materials depending on the application, from carbon fiber, glass, Kevlar...

We always use raw materials with the highest performance so that the product/prototype meets the most demanding quality standards.

4.0 Prototype development

Functional short series

Design and development of functional prototypes. We combine various advanced manufacturing technologies to transform your ideas into tangible and functional products. We carry out additive manufacturing by various techniques such as FDM, SLS or SLA in plastics and metals, we also manufacture components from composites and we can offer you both the manufacture of individual prototypes and functional short series.

We adapt to any type of project being versatile in all senses, this allows us to generate previous phases before launching the product to the market.

Implantación filtro de mangas ENCE - ANSI Ingeniería

Functional prototypes

Each of the prototypes that leave our facilities are reviewed and tested by our team to ensure that they comply with each of the points specified by the customer.

Do you have an idea and want to develop it? Contact us and our team will advise you to carry it out from start to finish.




We have 3D printing machines that allow us to print in different materials, from ABS through PET-G, PLA, Filaflex... to Nylon, Nylon-Carbon 6, Nylon-Carbon 12.

In this way we obtain products that meet the most demanding characteristics in terms of weight and mechanical properties.


Adaptation to manufacturing methods

At ANSI we adapt to what the customer wants to manufacture, in this way we ensure that the execution methods are always suitable for the required application, from laser sheet metal, bending, laser tube, punching, etc.

If you have an idea and would like to develop it, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Our team will advise you from the beginning of your project until its completion...




Reverse engineering

3D Scan

We carry out 3D scanning and modeling of products to perform new integrations, modifications, generate documentation or replicate some of its components as spare parts.

Generating a point cloud allows us to take measurements in 3D without having to resort to the original model at all times, from this point of view, while the customer continues working with his product, we as supplier and manufacturer can work on the next versions and improvements.

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3D Metrology

We have specialized software for our scanners, this allows us to accurately analyze any product that falls into our hands. This opens up a wide range of possibilities compared to traditional measurement methods, so we can extract global information from the part such as deformations, tolerances, curvature, etc.

If you wish to hire or get advice on the scanning services we offer, please access the contact form, our team will be happy to answer your request.



Aerospace industry products


We have technicians specialized in the development of RPAS, special aeronautical applications and components for the unmanned aircraft sector.

Our CÍES 2.2 SOLAR POWERED model is the perfect example of our
development, a UAV for photogrammetry, topography, remote sensing, reconnaissance or precision agriculture. With an autonomy of approximately 8 hours and its aerodynamically efficient flying wing design allows it to cope with winds of up to 50 km/h.


Catapult for launching fixed-wing drones

With an aluminum body, this catapult has a trolley that propels the drone to ensure proper take-off even in the most adverse conditions, has adjustable legs and is removable for proper storage/transport.

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Drone payloads

Custom design of payloads to adapt to the application required by your company, from camera adaptation, lidar, antennas, etc. We have suppliers of cases and foam cut to adapt them to the shape of the product, this way we ensure that the set is completely custom-made.




Adaptations to any model

We know that the world of aerospace is a world that is constantly changing, that is why we adapt to each of the drone models manufactured by major brands such as DJI, we have experience in the manufacture of payloads for the Matrice 300 RTK, Matrice 600, Matrice 600 Pro, etc. models.

If you wish to adapt a payload to your drone, do not hesitate to contact us, our experts will advise you without obligation.



Innovation projects

Last generation 3D print

At ANSI, we like to experiment with new technologies and see the degree of contribution that
can offer us at all times, an important part of our workforce is the capacity for renewal that we offer in the face of new approaches.

Any time is a good time to investigate new challenges or new avenues for product development and manufacturing.

Siempre a la última - ANSI

Always on trend

Along with our products we always offer the best quality and integration, that is why we always rely on the best brands to integrate in our designs and thus avoid possible obsolescence.

At ANSI we guarantee that all our products will work with guarantees during the whole life cycle of the product, applying updates to solve possible compatibility problems.

Experimentation and testing of new technologies

If you have any questions or want to start a new product or service using new technologies write us through the contact form, our experts will be happy to help you in your project.




Our customers

We work with a wide portfolio of clients, which gives us experience in different sectors of the industry. We adapt to any project that may arise.


We have partners from different branches of engineering, this fusion makes us a multidisciplinary and versatile team. We work with a wide portfolio of clients, which gives us experience in different sectors of the industry. We adapt to any project that may arise.


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